video by Jakup Ferri

24 FPS

2 - 24 September

Sokol Beqiri, Jakup Ferri, Vladimir Nikolič, Primoľ Novak and
Nika Oblak, Franc Purg, Erzen Shkololli

Curator: Alenka Gregorič

The widespread presence of the media and its influence on our lives has been the chewed over subject matter present both in bar talk as also over numerous texts and public debates. Being mistrustful and eternally doubting the truth of information that is delivered daily by world media giants, has become part of our way of thinking. The modern world of information explosions has wrapped its threads around the whole of the earth's globe and has webbed everyman into its web of information booms. There is no doubt about this, there is only one more question: To what extent and how much longer can it undisturbed continue to manipulate with its pray?

Let this not become an excuse for human insensitivity and lack of thought about things that would apparently separate us from those, somewhat more primitive beings to ourselves, that we call animals. Sometimes the boundary between Them and Us is so fine that it could easily become blurred. The sensitivity for events that have become part of our everyday, and about which we speak with no distance - where words like war, terrorism, murder, assassinations, death casualties do not awaken us from the trance that we call life - has overstepped all confines of good taste.

In this trend we can certainly, as one of the indicators of these types of problems, expose contemporary art and its central characters who most often reflect critical views on political, societal and social phenomena in contemporary society. That within each one of us there is a little bit of an artist is the living truth, however, the artist takes his/her ideas, seeing, thinking a little further - into materially palpable images. The medium that he/she may so choose should in such a way not dictate the reading of the contents.

The exhibition presented is a small sample of this type of production, the carrier of whose idea is exclusively video. The themes, which the presented artists deal with in their own way, directly or indirectly, appeal to our emotional senses. Regardless of the sadness, anger, happiness, disgust, empathy (and we could add numerous other emotional states) that the works stir up in us, the primary point of departure in the presentation of these works is that they wake us up from our everyday apathy.